Photos courtesy of State Policy Network,

Photos courtesy of State Policy Network,

Meredith Turney is a coach whose passion and purpose is helping others align with their own passion and purpose.

For your next corporate event, retreat, training, or workshop, Meredith can share the principles that will change lives and lead to transformational, accelerated work.  Meredith is also available for podcasts, radio and television interviews, and webinars.


Popular topics include:

  • How to Design the Workplace of the Future —That Works for Everyone

  • Tapping into Your Intuition

  • Energy Leadership

  • You are More Than Your Title: Creating Your Identity and Significance Outside of Work

  • Imposter Syndrome: How to Step into Your Unique Power 

  • Uncover Your Core Passions and Purpose 

  • What Glasses are You Wearing? How Perception Creates Reality

  • Fear Factor: How Fears Block Higher Levels of Fulfillment

  • How to Dream Big for Exponential Success

  • Discover Your Core Identity

  • Breaking the “Brules”: How to Shake Off Societal Expectations and Limitations 

  • How to Recreate Your Story

  • Automatic Pilot: How Core Beliefs Subconsciously Drive Your Thoughts and Actions

Recent Media or Interviews

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